Terms of Service

Alright, put on your reading glasses and grab your dictionary… here comes a massive legal document that may require a law degree to understand. Just kidding, what’s the point of posting your terms of service if your users can’t understand them? We don’t know either, so here they are in plain English:

1) All venue listing information on this site is submitted by third parties; usually the management of the venues themselves, but can be submitted by anyone. We can’t guarantee that all information, hours, specials, etc will always be 100% accurate. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the listings, so don’t think about blaming us if you don’t receive the happy hour special you thought you were going to get. It’s not really a big deal anyway.

2) If you happen to find that any information on this site is erroneous, please let us know and we will update it as soon as possible.

3) By registering as a user or connecting via Facebook you agree not to post any comments, reviews, listings, or other content that is libelous, profane, obscene, or otherwise offensive to those with fragile sensibilities. Some people are just more sensitive than others. We have to be mindful of that. There’s no rule against giving those people wedgies though.

4) The Venue Menu and venuemenu.com are not responsible for the content of user reviews, comments, or listings. If you have a problem with something that you see on this site please notify us via our contact page and we’ll be sure to adjust the content accordingly… right before giving you a wedgie.

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